"Whatever we accomplish belongs to our entire group, a tribute to our combined effort" Walt Disney

I want to take a minute to express my gratitude to all the people who have helped us get to this place:  qualified to run Iditarod 2016

We achieved this major step toward our goal thanks to a combined effort of many.  It is through this vital collaboration of efforts that our dreams are coming true.   Our sponsors, fans and supporters who have contributed mentorship, financial support, canine power, donations of dog food/people food/gear, personal talents, time and unwavering support of our dream, have made this milestone possible.

A heartfelt thank you for being an integral part of Team Bacon's Acres:  Spectrum Medical Billing Services, Kent Waite of Gotta Wanna Expeditions, Goal Zero, Katherine Updegraff (Sissyhead), Mom and Dad, Laurie Swales Parker, Ryan Redington and family, Jeff King and the Husky Homestead crew, Heather Resz and Julie Metcalf, Bill Cotter, Mary Duhoux, Susan Green and Terry Legg, Bonnie Brummett, Dogbooties.com, Eva and the Anchorage King family, Jen and Todd Rinaldi, Janet and the Johnson family, Mari Troshynski, Dwight and Heather, Lynn Rees and family, Geri Bartley-Shangin and family, Mary Helwig, Lisbet Skogen Norris, Val Jokela, Dean Osmar, Ann Newman, Aunt Suzanne and family, The Holman family, Cyndy Fritts, Norma Delia, Keegan, Stephen and Skwentna Sweeties, Markus Ingebretsen, Lisa Sewell and Rick Carlisle, Kristen and Ben Henney, Corinne Smyth and family, Hannah Langlie and family, Mary Anne and Nancy Bishop, Alyeska Therapy Center in Wasilla, Rusty and Pam Burlingame, Suvuth Chhin, Ali Martinez, Jen Camilli and Robbie Landmesser, Kim and the Welch family, Carrie Smith Gray and family,  Julie Kelly, Jeana and Jeff Spindle, Cindy Schaser, The Soverns, The Spiropoulos family, Maisie Dean and family, Holly Machuzak, Ken and Ingrid, Terry and Mike Morganson, Karen and Kent Williams, Kim and Bernadette, Greg Parvin, Sue Allen, Roger and Myra Phillips, Julie St. Louis, Melinda Cline and family, June Tagaki, Amy and the Spieth family, Larry Zarella, Leslie Thompson, The Klem family in Bethel, The Klejka family in Bethel, The folks at Alpine Creek Lodge, Pat Bouska, Kris Mechals.... all race officials, volunteers, checkpoint locations, vets and photographers... as well as my TRICKY

I apologize if I forgot anyone. All of your support and contributions are very important to us.